Because of my own stupidity, I had forgotten to change the url for the theme’s ask link. It had been directing everyone to my askbox (hellmouths) rather than the person using the theme. Seems like everything that could go wrong with this theme, did. Sorry about that. It’s all fixed now!

Please re-install the theme if this problem has been affecting you. Thank you and sorry for the trouble.

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general themes pages
Remember to close each question before you can open another one.
Can I alter your themes?
Yes. As long as the credit is left untouched, you are free to alter the theme however you want.
How do I change the colors?
Under the "Appearance" tab in Customize, you can easily change the colors. For more information on how to customize your theme, look here.
Can I change/add more links?
Each theme has a set of custom links built in (see example). To control them, Go to Customize and enter your URL in each respective box under the "Appearance" tab. To find out how to add links to posts or sidebar descriptions, follow this tutorial.
How do I change the font and the font size?
To change the main font, go to Customize > Edit HTML and find this section:
body {
font-family: helvetica;
background-color: black;}

To change the main font size, go to Customize > Edit HTML and find the same section but change the value in the highlighted area instead:

body {
font-family: helvetica;
background-color: black;}
How do I add a background/sidebar image?
Go to Customize. Beneath the "Appearance" tab, there is an option of uploading images for your background and sidebar (if the option for it is included). It should look something like this:

Please note that older themes do not have the option of uploading your background image in the Appearance tab and each image has to be installed manually (tutorial here).
How do I install Google Adsense on my blog?
  1. Go to your Google Adsense account and click "My Ads
  2. Select an ad unit; if you don’t have one just click "+ New Ad unit" and customize it however you want with colors and fonts, give it a name and click save.
  3. Once you have your list of ad units, click on "Get code" for the one you’re using.
  4. Copy the code and paste it in your theme, somewhere inside the <body> section.
And you're done. If you want to control where the ad shows up on your blog, use a div to set its position. This requires some knowledge in HTML/CSS.
How do I install a music player on my blog? / How do I install a "random image script"?
I prefer not to answer questions that aren't related to my themes.
Why aren't you responding to my message?
Could be because of a number of reasons. Such as, I am busy or I haven't recieved your message at all.

The scrollbar isn't functioning properly.
Please reinstall the theme for an updated version.
I can't find the pagination (next/prev buttons)!
There is an easy fix to this problem. First, lets check to see if there is a simple explanation before we move on to something else.

1. Go to  Customize
2. Look to your left, underneath "Appearance". Where you change the theme colors, there is one box that says "Pagination".
3. The color assigned to this box should be different from your background color. The default setting is white background + black pagination links.
4. If that's the settings you have, then it's a question of resolution and you should continue to read.

Sometimes the resolution of your screen can mess things up but to fix it, you need to go to Customize > Edit HTML and follow these steps:

1. Find this part of the code:

#pagination {
position: fixed;
text-align: right;

2. Lower the value in the bolded section (50%). This will bring the pagination upwards and make itself visible for those with a smaller screen.

If this doesn't work, let me know again!

there are currently no questions for this theme
there are currently no questions for this theme
blog pages
about me page
It won't let me add more blurbs!
If you mean in the sidebar to the left, then you need to go to Customize > Edit HTML and find this part:

#side {
display:inline-block; }

Then change the bolded part into overflow:scroll;

how do i add an image to the top?

If you’re installing it on a sideblog then you upload the image in the sidebar to your left in Customize. If you’re using a page on your current blog, you need to add the image url to this part: 

<div id="topimage">
<img src="IMAGE URL">
tags list
How do I change the links?
<a href="/">TAG</a>
Find the code above. Replace the forward slash (/) with your url.
How do I change the "back to blog" link?

Find this part of the code and switch out the # to your blog’s URL:

<div id=”nav”><a href=”#”>back to blog</a></div>
How do I change the title?

If you meant the title of the page, as in “Tags List" you find this part and change the bolded part:

<div id="top">TAGS LIST</div>

character page
there are currently no questions for this page
ASK and

Only contact me with questions related to my themes. That means any questions about scripts or applications (eg., random sidebar, music player) will be ignored.

The themes released prior to "Huntress" are archived. I won't be answering questions about any of these themes or blog pages from here on out.

Be patient when awaiting a response and do try to solve the issue on your own, if you can! If you find a solution, please let me know to save me time.